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Here we look at the most common questions we get asked about our courses. If your query isn’t answered in the below list, please get in touch with one of our training advisers on 0207 0590 712.

Why do I need to pay?

We aren’t given any funding for the practicle courses, so the fees you pay are to cover the costs of the training.

Am I able to pay in installments?

You can pay half of the fees when you register and the balance before completing the course. 

Can I just do the Job Placement element of the course?

No, unfortunately, there is a mandatory requirement to take at least one of the training packages before being given a work experience job placement.

Where does the training take place?

Training is conducted in a classroom setting at Next Accountant office, a few minutes walk form Royal Victoria.

Will I get a job after I’ve completed my training?

There is no guarantee of a job to our candidates, however, we work hard with several recruitment agencies to find permanent jobs for our trainees. We also help our trainees to find meaningful employment in the sector by offering CV enhancement sessions and conducting mock interviews.

Which job roles are covered by the training?

Once our training is completed, candidates are able to apply for a variety of accountancy job roles including Bookkeeper, Assistant Accountant, Senior Account.

Am I able to do the training without any prior experience?

Our Bookkeeping training is suitable for any candidates, regardless of background or industry knowledge.

Am I able to do the Practical Accountancy training when I don’t have any accountancy experience?

Whilst experience in accountancy can offer an advantage on the course, it’s not mandatory. However, you are expected to have a basic knowledge of accounting.

Is the practical experience offered separate from the training?

As part of our Bookkeeper and Advanced Accounting courses, you will be allocated a place with our sister firm Walden Way & Co. There you will be given the role of a bookkeeper or of an accounts assistant for three months, which offers a valuable experience of working on real-life client data. This is beneficial to you, as this kind of experience is often a requirement for professional accountancy bodies like ACCA, AAT and CIMA.

Do you offer jobs at your company?

We do get vacancies from time to time and those who have performed well on our course, stand the best chance of being taken on.

How long is the job placement and how many days per week does it cover?

The work placement is once per week, over a period of three months. This can be extended further, depending on the candidate’s performance. Any extension to your work placement will involve an assessment and is entirely at the discretion of all parties involved.

What’s the difference between the training and job placement phases?

Training takes place in a classroom environment, whereas a job placement will involve working on real client data in a working office.

Am I paid for the work I do during my job placement?

The job placement is a voluntary position, so you won’t be paid for your time.

Where does the job placement take place?

The job placement element of our training takes place at Next Accountants in Royal Victoria/Canning Town.

Does the training programme meet CPD requirements and go towards membership for my professional qualification e.g. ACCA?

Yes, absolutely. Our courses count towards CPD and you can claim the number of hours you spend on the training course.

What certificate does the training give me?

The certificate of completion you receive from your time at our centre will detail all of the modules that you have completed.


Under the terms of the job placement (a.k.a. work placement or internship), all work carried out is unpaid and undertaken to provide valuable practical experience in accountancy. The minimum required commitment is one fixed day each week, involving 6 hours between 10am and 6pm. The duration of the placement is a minimum of three months, with extensions being offered based on the individual student’s performance. The work placement opportunity is only available to those who have attended the applicable training sessions with Next Accountants.


Commencement of work placement must occur within two weeks of completing the relevant training course and after work placement is completed, we are happy to provide a reference to the student concerned. It’s also important to note that prior to work placement starting, two references need to be supplied by the candidate.


Our job placement is a voluntary service provided by Walden Way & Co and is of no monetary value. Walden Way & Co has the right to cease the provision of this service without any further notice and without any compensation to any parties involved. Walden Way does not charge any fee for its job placement services.

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