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Guaranteed Job Placement

Accounting Work Experience in London
Job Placement

For students who have yet to gain any meaningful practical work experience, work placements are crucial to their professional development. This applies to all professional sectors, as well as in accountancy where work experience placements work very much like an internship. The old adage “you can’t get experience, without being given the chance to gain experience” is addressed effectively by work placements that help to bridge the gap between the academic world of theory and the real world and its practical challenges.


Our services have helped a variety of academics to gain hands-on experience in the professional sphere, including ACCA students/affiliates, AAT students/finalists and university accounting students, as well as existing account professionals looking to widen their career horizons and make themselves more employable. We’re delighted to say that we’ve been instrumental in helping many to find permanent accountancy positions.

We are able to provide these work placement opportunities by partnering with Walden Way & Co, as well as other firms looking for the brightest new accountancy talent. We understand the value of consolidating academia in the real world, which is why we offer the Accounting Work Placement to anyone attending our advanced accounting and bookkeeping training courses.

Accounts assistant Work Experience Placements

When students are sent on accounting work experience placements, they assume the role of an accounts assistant, responsible for working on client accounts. Duties include, but are not limited to:​

  • Nominal ledgers

  • Sales and Purchase ledgers,

  • Adjustments, Journals, and Bank reconciliation

  • Preparation of Profit & Loss, Trial Balance and Balance Sheets

  • Taxation including VAT, Corporation Tax and Income Tax

  • Setting up and managing Excel

  • Setting up new staff records and running payroll

  • Accounting and general admin duties

Bookkeeping Work Experience Placements

Similar in nature to the previously mentioned account assistant placements, bookkeeping working experience placements involve students taking on the role of a bookkeeper,  with client account work representing the main responsibility. The accountancy duties involve, but aren’t limited to:


  • Nominal ledgers

  • Sales and Purchase ledgers

  • Adjustments, Journals and Bank reconciliation

  • Accounting and general admin duties


Carrying out these duties will require the student to use a variety of software packages like FreeAgent, Xero, Quickbooks and VT.

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